Trang nguyen

Trang has dreamed of becoming a Fashion Designer since the age of seven.  It started with a single line drawing, a croquis, taught to her by her sister.  She is not a stranger to the fashion industry, since she grew up with a slew of family members who are talented seamstresses.  They have taught her the painstaking and meticulous work required for each piece of clothing.  


To pursue her dreams, she attended Lindenwood University and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design.  As a top student in her design class, each project required that she improve and set high stakes for herself and her peers.


She went on to New York to intern for WAYNE.  During her internship, Trang learned many aspects of fashion that she would never have been able to learn on her own.  This internship was the best decision she has made in her career as a designer.  


Trang Nguyen spent most of her childhood years focusing on sewing by hand all of her garments, which is clearly evident in her impeccable sewing and the quality of her garments.  


The label TRANG NGUYEN focuses on reinventing classic silhouettes that transition from day to night.  Modern, luxurious, and flirty - TRANG NGUYEN is for the woman who values quality, originality with a twist, and has an eye for exquisite detail.  


Established in 2012, her line is designed and made in the U.S.A.